7 Pack Red Belted Polypore Tonic (1 week supply)2 oz. Each - 1 a day keeps the doctor away! 100% Organic Locally Foraged Red Belted Polypore Mushroom Tonic! That's right. This tonic uses technology that assures potency and maintains the integrity of the high vibration Shen constituents as it is never heated above 118 degrees F. Considered a digestive tonic, this mushroom is thought to relieve inflammation of gastrointestinal tissues. Red belted polypore is also indicated for immune system stimulation and antihistamine qualities. Some animal model studies have even indicated that this polypore may have some anti-cancer potential.This is the one herb everyone can benefit from taking on a regular basis. Functions: Calms the Spirit, Augments Qi, Nourishes blood,Fights Fatigue and Depression Blood Sugar Control Anti-Cancer Affects(Enhance the Efficacy of Certain Cancer Treatments) AntioxidantsUsage: Take 2 oz per day. You can drink them straight or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.Recommended dosage: 2 oz per dayKeep Refrigerated Last 1-2 weeks after product is opened unless FrozenPeace & Love.It can take up to 2 weeks before package is shipped out, this does not include the weekend.Thank you & have a blissful day.

Red Belted Polypore Tonic Pack

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  • Best if used within 2 weeks. Must Refridgerate! 


    Consult your doctor before trying. These products are not meant to replace your prescripton.